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I love to travel. I love to drive through little towns and imagine all the people who live there, what they do, who they love. Traveling inspires my heart and my music. I’ve always dreamed of visiting Europe and this past summer I was able to go! We had a great time visiting my family in Amsterdam and then, the dream!!!! I got to spend 3 beautiful glorious (fattening) days in Paris!! Paris y’all!!!


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It was a trip of a lifetime. We ate chocolate chip croissants, drank cappuccino, and walked…. and walked…and walked… What a trip. But I must say, usually, I’m a beach girl. Growing up in cold frozen Buffalo, NY, this girl likes her some sunshine. Give me a good book and a beach chair and you might never see me again!! This looks like paradise.


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What are some of your favorite places?

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