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I just love a project, don’t you? I feel like I never have a weekend day to be lazy and watch tv because we always have some random desk I found on craigslist to pick up, or
some cute new plants I bought at the farmers market to plant. Sometimes projects get overwhelming, but oh well. My mom is the same way, always busy with a project! Here are a couple I’ve been meaning to try:





We actually built this faux sofa table in our living room and stained it a dark wood color. It worked perfect and was super easy. I love having an extra shelf to decorate and it gives me an extra place to put my coffee cup down when I’m snuggled up on the couch… (Which is hardly ever cause I’ve probably started a new project!!)

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And how stinkin adorbs is this vintage frame used as a jewelry display piece? I love the lace ribbon.. (of course I do:)

You guys been working on any new projects lately?

Love Always,


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